An open-source celebration of Industrial Water Treatment! October 5-9, 2020

Industrial Water Week

How Should You Celebrate Industrial Water Week?

The real answer is however you want.


Like any good holiday, the best celebrations are the traditions that mean the most to you.

Celebration Ideas


Social Media


Share memes, posts, selfies, pictures, articles, etc. on not only your own social media platforms, but on the Industrial Water Week LinkedIn and Facebook pages!

Tag with #IndustrialWaterWeek so others can see what you share.

Post memes.

See the Artwork page for shareable ideas.


Crack open your test kit and show your family and friends what you do!


Use the Industrial Water Week as an excuse to focus on training your employees and/or yourself! 


 Using Industrial Water Week as the backdrop, offer webinars to share what you know! 


Throw a party!  Order a cake!  Put Industrial Water Week artwork on it!  Don't forget the balloons! 


Write a blog or article with Industrial Water Week's theme of the day!

Topic suggestions:  Pretreatment Monday, Boiler Tuesday, Cooling Wednesday, Wastewater Thursday, and Careers Friday

More Ideas



 Inspired by Industrial Water Week, do presentations about industrial water treatment to local universities, colleges, and schools to raise awareness that this is a career! 


 Show your support for Industrial Water Week on your website! 


 Make Industrial Water Week novelty items such as coffee mugs, shirts, mouse pads, and more! 

Let's Celebrate Video

Check out this great video for more celebrational inspiration!